Have you been looking for a better way to pump up a party? Our Party catering suppliers in Christchurch would love to lend you a hand with whatever sort of celebration you have in mind! When it comes to putting on the most remarkable party ever imaginable, we offer you a wide variety of popular catering suppliers Christchurch. With every special occasion that we have the privilege of hosting, we make certain that we stay on focus and provide professionalism, ensuring an outstanding presentation for our clients.

Party Catering in Christchurch aspires to offer the finest professional services for your party, at the most attractive prices in the industry. To design your existing special occasion in a comprehensive fashion, we guarantee you great professional services, whether it’s for a personal family party, a company event, an institution celebration or just about any special get together imaginable.

To optimize your occasion experience, We provide brilliant professional programs which will provide you with all of the essential elements. Assorted program packages provided by party catering suppliers Christchurch deliver an assortment of celebration offers which will work well with any budgetary plans. We also individualize packages according to your preferences, ensuring you of a proper, high-quality event.


To help make your social gathering memorable, we supply numerous balloon design products and services. Designing and adjusting your function theme is a speciality service that we take exceptional pride in. In addition, we also offer alternative social gathering needs with regards to rentals, alleviating customers of having to check around for that preferred package deal. Your food items are very important, but they aren’t the only item that we take care of. We care greatly about every aspect of your party, paying special mind to detail, appearance and overall functionality, guaranteeing that you and your guests will experience a well crafted and memorable occasion. We make sure that you have everything you need for your social gathering and for this reason, we offer the most amazing function decorations, as well as other essential needs, right here at party catering services Christchurch. Based on your own tastes, we can easily personalize styles and themes, so whatever you need, be sure to let one of our associates know!

Proficiency in Skilled Catering Company

We make certain that your Christchurch celebration is catered with the best quality foods. We create and arrange the most mouth-watering cuisine menus, absolutely delighting the taste buds of your party guests. With every event we cater, we make sure that a well balanced healthy assortment of foods is always present. The food selections should always be on top of the priority checklist when planning any celebration. The most important thing to any successfully hosted event is to present foods that entice and please even the most demanding of appetites. A variety of outstanding food selections is always perfect for any kind of celebration, and this is always one of party catering services Christchurch main ingredients for success.

Check out our wide variety of specifically designed get together celebration menu platters!


The grandest of all the cities on the Great Lakes is flowing with the lifeblood of New Zealand. Standing tall on the southern shores of Christchurch is home to generations of tradition and heritage. With a long line of history that shines across the waters, folks in this region know a good thing when they see it. Their passion and constant will to better themselves is all the inspiration our catering company needs. With those same principles in place, Party Catering Christchurch works hard every day to ensure our customers that we are the best at what we do. In these times we live in today, there’s an increased for affordable quality and innovative trends. Our catering company combines the trends of tomorrow with the traditions of a time tested past. Blend them all together with a variety of affordable party packages, and you have our secret, which is lacking only one major ingredient, and that’s you!

With years of customer satisfaction under our belts, Party Catering Christchurch has the competition scratching their heads, trying to figure out what makes us tick. Our ticker starts with your business. Without your input, without your comments and suggestions and critique, we wouldn’t be where we are today, at the top of the competition. Stop on into our locations today and talk with one of our professional planners. We’d love to hear your dreams, and we’d love even more to help you make them come true.

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